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I am getting errors in the polynomial equation x.I hav no idea whats wrong.This equation was provided.My code is as followed


int main(void)
	double x;
	double polynomial=3x^3-5x^2+6;     /*This is giving me problem*/
	printf("The value of polynomial is %lf\n",polynomial);


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1. Every programming language has its specific syntax. You cannot simply write mathematical expression, it is required to use some symbols called operators.
2. You have to assign value to x before you evaluate polynomial.
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For MS Visual C++, the following will do:

#include <math.h> //or <math>

double x=2.55;
double polynomial = 3*pow(x,3)-5*pow(x,2)+6
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instead of polynomial=3x^3-5x^2+6;
try using the "pow function" polynomial=3*pow(x,( 3))-5*pow(x,(2))+6;
You could declare x as const int x=?; above your polynomial variable;
logically it could work, but id google the pow function to make sure i wrote it right
its been a while since ive used it.
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Oh and to use pow function you might need to include <cmath> library, we do in secure shell IDE