How to get byte array from HBITMAP object in win32 project?

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In win32 DLL project, I want to capture desktop window
into byte array. and display bitmap image using byte array.

For that I have capture window function which returns HBITMAP object.
then I saved this object into bit map file and for display purpose I
load that image.

Now, instead of BMP file I want to store capture data into byte array
and for display bitmap image I want to use byte arrray.

So I want convert HBITMAP object to byte array and byte array to
HBITMAP object.

In MFC activex I used Cbitmap same purpose but in win 32 Cbitmap not

So, How to acheive this in win 32 DLL project.

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CBitmap is just a wrapper for some of the common GDI bitmap routines. You should still be able to call, say, ::GetBitmapBits() to extract a pointer to the byte data that make up the bitmap.