Bypassing Administrative Install Blocks

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New to the forums here so, hey everybody. I've got a little problem at work...

I don't have administrator rights here at work and there is some kind of block that automatically restarts the computer when trying to install programs. This includes any kind of .exe.

Normally, I wouldn't really care. However, They're on Internet Explorer 6.0... Yeah 6.0. I just want to update IE or (best case scenario) install firefox (and java). Your help is much appreciated.
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while there are usually good reasons aN IT manager would lock down a system, there are ways around them.
1. grab a live linux cd and use it for what you want.
2. get an ERD cd. change admin password. Logon to system as admin, install programs then logon as yourself to use. ( you will probably be reprimanded or fired for doing the second one. )