Well long story short I've spent months playing an online game (Evony) and building up huge strong cities. When I signed up I used fake information (fake password, username, and a 10minutemail.com e-mail) because I thought it was just some spoof website... well as it turned out I really enjoyed it and I was able to login everyday through a secret link I had. Well now someway, somehow, my password was changed and I have no access to the account other than I know the username (& and e-mail) but not the password. I downloaded brutus to try and retreive this info but everytime I start Brutus up and try to use brute force it gets stuck at "trying username" and the timeout button starts flashing red and it stays at 0%. How can I get it to start working and guessing the password? I'll leave it run all day all night for weeks if thats what it takes. I know the password doesn't contain symbols like $,!, etc. (or capital letters) and I have a good estimate on the length it is from (I think anywhere from 5-9 characters).
Can someone help me get this working?!