Briefing About Web Traffic Analysis

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One of the best ways to improve your Web site marketing is to analyze the existing traffic to your Web site. Until you understand who is coming and why, it'll be difficult to improve. There four ways to analyze Web site traffic:

* Install a counter on your Web page
* Use your ISP's statistical package
* Purchase Web traffic analysis software
* Employ an outside firm to audit your Web traffic
In short, traffic analysis allows you to ask questions which help you fine-tune your Web marketing strategy. Web marketing without statistical analysis is like learning to drive blindfolded. At best, ineffective, at worst, dangerous.
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Why not just implement Google Analytics.
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google analytics is the best tracking tool. we can find out hits per second, How many visitirs visit on a particular day, absolute visitors, unique visitors etc. just try it out
I think the important part is to keep the visitor. It’s necessary to give to the visitor things (information, services, …) which he is interested in and in a form he understands. To find out what is he interested in, what is he missing, what he doesn’t understand and all this by asking him and communicating with him. (or her).

Imagine, that you as a information provider are at one side of the river and you have questions. On the other side of the river is your visitor and has questions as well. But you are not hearing each other and therefore you have to build a bridge to meet and to talk.

It’s not anything difficult. Just have a chat on your website and communicate with your visitors from time to time. Ask them. I think, the online discussion is priceless. And you are asking the most important source – your customers.

Anybody can add a chat to the website. There are many chat services that are easy to install. It’s up to you to choose one you like the most.