Does bounce rate effect Google Ranking

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I use Google Analytics like many others here may be using it but I have a high bounce rate of close to 85% and is very concerned about it. Does this effect my Google ranking?
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A definite yes! Bounce rate is one of the factors that can affect your SERP. I would suggest you to improve your landing pages, ad copies if you are running a paid campaign or whichever is applicable in your case.

Secondly, 85% of bounce rate is actually too high and this is definitely going to affect the objective of your website. So its not only about search engine ranking you must put in effort to improve bounce rate, as it seems the visitors are not finding what they are actually looking for when visiting your site.

Things you should look to improve your bounce rate can be:

  • The overall content on your site
  • The text or copy matter on your site
  • The ad copies ?(if you are running any paid campaign)
  • Individual page bounce rate
  • The path and the keyword that is leading traffic to your site
  • The exit pages
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If you get lot of traffic from the SERP's you would have high bounce rate for content sites.

The main reason is Google traffic is mainly targeted and so people tend to get answers on the first page and so you should be fine for SERP but yes you should get your bounce rate lower a bit.
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The less amount of bounce rate the better..
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Of course 85% is too much high bounce rate? However, what percentage of bounce rate is good as point of view SEO?
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40-60 as suggested by Google
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But i do not think bouce rate should affect the SERP rankings yeah it does affect your overall objective of the website but nothing to do with SERP.