Best Blog Promotion Techniques?

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Hey all,

I recently started up a blog and I'm looking to get some quick traffic to increase readership and get things rolling with it. While I'm familiar with advanced web promoting techniques, promoting a blog seems to be a little different.

One of the things I plan on doing is offering some sort of contest to attract readers, but I only want to do this once I've had more than a few posts and the blog is a little more established. I already know the usual "write articles, blog commenting, social bookmarking" type of promotional tactics. Just looking to see if there are any unique ideas that some of you blog owners may have that you currently use to get traffic?
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The best part of blog promotion is Get Good content and submit those content to all social bookmarking sites. Doing that will mean you site can be found from lot of places
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Hello friend,
1) Posting useful answers on Yahoo Answers.

2) Posting quality articles to

3) Sharing blog link with Facebook groups and Myspace groups.

4) Posting on Twitter.

5) Posting on Ebay blog

6) Posting comments on other relavant blogs and websites.
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Why don't you give Comm100 Newsletter/ Email Marketing Software a try. It's free and powerful in functions.