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what is blog commenting ? Does it help to improve the ranking.
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Commenting on related blogs is known as blog commenting and if the blog is dofollow and allows link back to your site and has very few comments then it can definitely help.
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well said shabbir
another thing that it is worth mentioning is the fact that through blog commenting you also establish a community that you might find very useful in the future!
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Yes i agree you both. blog commenting is a easiest way of getting back links provided it should be relevant or it will increase the bounce rate of the site.
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blog commenting is a big help for your site. You can participate by giving your opinions and suggestions
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Blog Comments can make a blog interactional and sociable. Well liked blogs have a very interactive community who voice their views on posts frequently. Blog comments discriminates a blog from a static website.
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The process of commenting (leaving your views) on someone else’s blog is termed as blog commenting. It’s an excellent SEO technique if done properly i.e. commenting intelligently (adding value) on niche related blogs.
While commenting on a no-follow blog might get you streams of referral traffic, commenting on a do-follow blog brings you backlinking credit.
Blog commenting tips:
-Always comment on niche related blogs
-Comment intelligently
-If at all possible, use your real identity and photo
-Read previously posted comments on the thread
-Make your profile link point to an appropriate place

The technique works great with me, I use Keyword Country to find traffic-pulling, high authority, related blogs to comment on...I am all for it!