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How can Block ASK.COM from my browser and PC??

Discussion in 'Windows' started by steamed, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. steamed

    steamed New Member

    This is the meat of my purpose here. About a month ago I started getting ASK.com redirects on my browser, mostly when I would be on Ebay. So I started learning how to remove it from my browser, but it dug in deep and cookies reach my pc. So I found Xoftspy and bought that specifically to delete ASK.COM. I have several other programs, but they didn't seem to catch it. Needless to say I have run countless spyware & virus programs trying to eliminate ASK.COM. I got in tools and removed it from my browser.

    But I still get the redirects. ASK.com won't tell me how to keep it off my machine. It also appears to have originated from Yahoo.com and I haven't been there in years.

    So is there something you guys can do to rid myself of the ASK.com search engine?? Tonight I did a source check on the redirect window and it is loaded with a bunch of stuff I don't understand. I didn't want to post it here until I have permisson to do so, but it is about 150-180 lines of data.

    I would like something to block it from my browser. Help! ??:cryin:
  2. techgeek.in

    techgeek.in New Member

    hmmm... interesting..very interesting...The ask tool bar came with something "you downloaded". Some browser downloads offer it. What ever you downloaded that the ask tool bar came with.. you will have to delete. Usually when you download something that offers the ask tool bar it also gives you the option not to get the tool bar. By unchecking the box u dnt install it.But mistakenly u installed it.

    You might find it in add/remove programs but i doubt it. Figure out what you downloaded and delete it. "The ask tool bar will go with it". Like other toolbars it is a "Low level spy ware"...nothing else...

    As u have mentioned that u have scanned the whole computer with spyware nd all but everything in vain..isn't it?? Of course it is not a spyware my dear friend..you have tried all the complex procedures but did u ever tried the simple procedures??

    It mite be a browser add-on a lot of people are getting inadvertently.

    In FireFox got to Tools > Add-on >Extensions and disable anything there you didn't add

    In Internet Explorer Tools> Internet Options> Programs >Manage Add-ons and find the thing which is disturbing u nd disable it.
  3. steamed

    steamed New Member

    It might have come with IE8 browser. I went ahead and disabled everything in there. See how that plays out. Thanks.

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