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Black Hat SEO

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by yohan, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. yohan

    yohan New Member

    Black hat SEO don't follow rules and regulations. It uses unethical ways just to get back links. Here are some of the methods that falls under black hat:

    hidden text
    keyword stuffing
    link farm
    door-way pages
    improper redirects

    What other methods do you know? Share it here!
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    You missed one of the most important one according to me. Bad neighborhood.
  3. MartinJose

    MartinJose New Member

    Black Hat search engine optimization is customarily defined as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner. These black hat SEO techniques usually include one or more of the following characteristics:

    1) breaks search engine rules and regulations
    2) creates a poor user experience directly because of the black hat SEO techniques utilized on the Web site
    3) unethically presents content in a different visual or non-visual way to search engine spiders and search engine users.
  4. zaheerseo

    zaheerseo New Member

    Any optimization tactic that causes a site to rank more highly than its content would otherwise justify, or any changes made specifically for search engines that don't improve the user's experience of the site. In other words, optimizations that are against search engine guidelines. If you step too far over the mark, your site may be penalized or even removed from the index.
  5. dhirendra.gvt

    dhirendra.gvt Banned

    Hello friends,

    Very good description about Black hat seo.

    Thank you.
  6. ramashankar

    ramashankar Banned

    I think Black Hat search engine optimization is customarily defined as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner.
  7. arnold01984

    arnold01984 New Member

    Black Hat SEO includes:
    Hiddent Text
    Doorway Pages
    Misuse of Redirect
    Using Content teft from other websites
    Link Farm
    and many more things. The most common thing which are generally used is Content theft. So Make your content Unique and Copyright. If you are unable to write your own unique content take the help of Article Writing Service Provider for fresh content.
  8. aishaarora

    aishaarora Banned

    Black hat SEO is procedure that tries to achieve high rankings in short time by using various SEO techniques that don't follow search engine guidelines, or treated as means of deception. One black hat technique uses text that is hidden, either as text colored similar to the background, in an invisible div, or positioned off screen.
  9. andykeating

    andykeating New Member

    Black hat seo is the process by which we achieve serp’s placement using tactics that are completely unethical. The results are immediate but will not last. When we are caught implementing black hat seo we can face severe consequences like site banning.
    These are some of the techniques..
    • cloaking and false redirects
    • automatically generated doorway pages
    • misspelling of well-known web sites
    • excessive keyword stuffing
    • pages loaded with irrelevant words that do not match the subject
    • duplicated content on multiple pages
    • hidden text or hidden links
    • unrelated and centralized link farms
  10. thpmary

    thpmary New Member

    For doing SEO well, you should have good understanding of black hat SEO.

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