Bitmap invalidating

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I made a MFC app, made a bitmap import to resources (IDB_BITMAP1) and trying to display it.
So I made " CBitmap bm " and " CDC mem " variables in CView class and the following code was paste in OnDraw function:


	pDC->BitBlt(10,10, 512, 512, &mem, 0,0, SRCCOPY);
Bitmap is succesfully displayed, but after minimizing-maximizing operation programm crashes.
I guess this is "invalidating" problem... What code do I need to paste in the programm?
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Now there are some very common mistakes you have been doing and so try and rectifying that.

1. You have the same bitmap loading in the OnView Function and try having the bitmap loaded and just Do BitBlt in the OnView Function.
2. Try releasing the Bitmap object if its already there or don't load if once loaded. Something like checking it to the NULL

please share the details of the crash as well so that we can also know the context better.
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shabbir, thanks for answer This topic is no longer actual