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I am using Intel 845 GLAD motherboard with a 128 MB DDR 266MHz RAM. Setting the supervisory password only ( in the bios security menu ) is my preferable option. Recently I added another RAM of same specs. Now the problem is that the supervisory password is not getting saved in the CMOS, only the user password is being saved, which I don't want.

Removing the previous RAM, and plugging in the newer one only, is also not creating problems. I have tried with swapping RAMs in slots also, but in vain. Individually each is working fine, together they are creating problems.

( My motherboard can support upto 2GB RAM )

If anyone can help me to fix this out, it would be of great help.
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Probably no one is able to help you out in this regard.
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u do one thing go to cmos settings and press F7 to take it to default settings and then connect both rams and again pree F7 and then u can set our settings