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Benefits of Link Building ?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by paul white, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. paul white

    paul white New Member

    Hi to all i need urgent benifit of link building so plz help me
  2. Click SSL

    Click SSL New Member

    In hurry :dots:........
    Well you link building is useful to increase visibility in search engines and as well as it can also helps to increase visitors of your website and ROI.
  3. soham99

    soham99 New Member

    hi, i need some good quality travel sites for link exchange. i have more than 150 sites for provide u backlink. plz mail me at sohamseo@gmail.com
  4. seangtz

    seangtz New Member

    As per my knowledge link building will help to increase the number of quality backlinks and also helpful to increase the over all traffic for the site.
  5. mathewhogard

    mathewhogard Banned

    Link building helps us to improve the SERP ranking as well as traffic for the site.
  6. lisa.russal

    lisa.russal New Member

    i need health sites if you have them send me pm or mail at webmaster.lisa@hotmail.com :cuss:
  7. juliaandrews

    juliaandrews New Member

    Link building is useful to increase visibility of website and as well as it can also helps to increase ranking of your website and Page Rank and etc.
  8. denishverma

    denishverma Denish Verma- SEO Expert

    Linkbuilding is to make linking with other relevant sites : as well relevant categories.
    - Always useful to get traffic from various sites
    - Always useful to get ranking on various search engine in various keywrds.
    - Always useful to get revenues online as well to get better position for that particular website.

    You can say- Linkbuilding is backbone of SEO. its must must be done in ethical way and only manual white hat submission is always best.
  9. enni

    enni New Member

    Link building helps to get more traffic, and due to more traffic site be searched more times and this way one can get high serp position. And if links are from quality and high pr sites then it helpful for getting high page rank also.
  10. dinahcarry

    dinahcarry New Member

    Yeah! link building helps to you to get traffic. Specially Social media like twitter, facebook and Google plus. Share your links in that social networking sites to attract the people to visit your site. Post more must good to your site.
  11. jhonden

    jhonden New Member

    It stimulates your sites page rank by providing you quality backlinks. Ultimately it increase your traffic.
  12. Apoorva

    Apoorva New Member

    It is looking like 'urgently need' thread. :D
  13. cruise05

    cruise05 New Member

    The biggest benefit any site can hope to obtain from link building is "Trust". If links are votes then, every link is a vote of confidence :)
  14. doublejm1

    doublejm1 New Member

    Link building helps you generate more traffic and come up higher in the search engine results.
  15. ramiszaro

    ramiszaro Banned

    Link building will help you to find the quality links with the strategy you need for your website so go for OFF page SEO in order to build the backlinks
  16. ozsubasi

    ozsubasi New Member

    As opposed to?
  17. ramiszaro

    ramiszaro Banned

    can't get you mr. Ozsubasi what your trying to ask me go ahead.
  18. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    You need to be able to understand English to answer that question.
  19. ramiszaro

    ramiszaro Banned

    shabbir is this shows your fluent in English rite ,even your english is not that much grammatical see i understood what he asked me but i need what exactly he is trying to ask me thats why replied him .thanks for your kind advice to me.
  20. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    I never claimed by English is spot on as being an Indian it is not my first language but I am able to understand what he is asking

    You replied to the question which has been told many times in the same thread before and so it was actually a meaningless reply and so he wanted to ask oppose to what you recommend that
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