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What is benefit of smo ?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by etrade123, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. etrade123

    etrade123 Banned

    What it the role of facebook in SMO.
  2. rohitsharma

    rohitsharma New Member

    its mainly for traffic and increase your internet visibility.
  3. Click SSL

    Click SSL New Member

    I agree with rohitsharma. Social Media sites like facebook, twitter etc. caneasily helps to increase your website visitors. You can easily promote your website on social media. You can create group, follow friends, share your thoughts or promotion through your other seo work. For example you post a blog in tumblr than you can directly post it on your social media. It is very easy to use and it is very useful to get popular over the net and as well as get visitors.
  4. mathewhogard

    mathewhogard Banned

    One of the most important benefits of smo is to increase unique visitors on the site.
  5. stacey

    stacey New Member

    SMO - [FONT=&quot]Bring more traffic in less time.[/FONT]
  6. fattaah

    fattaah New Member

    give your website link in facebook for the more visitors coming your and this increases the traffic.
  7. Ana_Campos

    Ana_Campos New Member

    This is something like the "new age" when it comes to SEO.
    I think although at beginning this will offer a brand new thinking when it comes to SEO tactics and ways to promote your site/blog
  8. jaisonvincent

    jaisonvincent New Member

    SMO is very useful to get publicity to our site and traffic will increase. Facebook is an effective tool to share the links and we can create community pages in the name of our sites and can make number of followers in it. Also discussions with links are possible in community pages of facebook.
  9. William9

    William9 New Member

    For getting unique visitors one need to keep updating his/her friend-list with new friends because if the same people are visiting your website more than once then they will not be counted as unique visitors.
  10. SSL Matrix

    SSL Matrix New Member

    Links posted on facebook are No-follow so they are of very little importance for increasing page-rank but Facebook can be effectively utilized to draw traffic in herds. Links from facebook count in Google webmaster tools.
  11. linkbuilding5

    linkbuilding5 Banned

    SMO is mainly for increasing the traffic volume of the site.
  12. seowebsdesigning

    seowebsdesigning New Member

    SMO means search engine marketing, It is only for traffic regarding. If you want to a lot of traffic for your website. Then go with SMO.
  13. fattaah

    fattaah New Member

    its help to get traffic. for that you have to make your profile so strong so that others will follow you and hit your website.
  14. Grade1

    Grade1 New Member

    we get a lot of traffic from social media sites if you have created strong profile there to attract the visitors.
  15. shalunagpal

    shalunagpal New Member

    By smo you get more traffic on your website very easily.
  16. linkbuilding5

    linkbuilding5 Banned

    SMO improves the technique of optimization in search engine. It increase your linkability.
  17. enni

    enni New Member

    SMO stands for Search Media Optimization and it is very useful to get the huge traffic and it is good to promote your business.
  18. steveschmidt85

    steveschmidt85 New Member

    It will hep for brand awareness also if you have ecommerce site you can notify number of people at once any product launch, any offer or gift or any special discounts you are offering over all it will help you for your product marketing
  19. enni

    enni New Member

    With the SMO you can get the more traffic for your website and Facebook is the popular social networking site and that is why it is very beneficial in SMO.
  20. jhonden

    jhonden New Member

    SMO helps in generating leads through Social network for the business house. It is very important and gives you good public relation.

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