Bearshare & video file format

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I have Bearshare V 5.10 (same result with V5.25), no router and Zone alarm V6.5.737 running on an XP machine with dual core CPU and 1GB memory. For some reason, any .avi file I download ends up as a Video Clip format (what is this anyway). Any program I use to play it only shows spiral lines and not the video. I tried converting it to wmv and avi formats using the program Super & ended up with junk. I downloaded a file I downloaded a year ago which played ok back then, but now ends up as a useless Video Clip. Please let me know if this can be resolved.
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Does it happens only with .avi files, wat about other files like wmv, .dat, .wmv.
Also i would like to know hwich palyer are u using to play the .avi file.
Also check whether u have the correct display drivers installed
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its been a year, I don't think he kept on struggling that long....