batch script ??

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Dear All,
Am not sure if am posting in the right forum. If false, plz guide me.

I want to make a batch file that do the following:
1. End a process (taskmanager), the process is wscript.exe
2. Change attribute (unhide) for a .inf file, autorun.inf which is on C:
3. delete the .inf file

Any help guys ???
Ill be greatfulllll.

Best regards.
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U can find the answer for 2nd and 3rd question.
for the 1st question the command is
Jus go to the task manager and enable the PID for the process. and look for the wscript.exe's PID.
and use this code
taskkill /PID <PID number>
Post ur doubts after trying this.
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just open the notepad and type the following commands:
taskkill /f /im wscript.exe
attrib -r -h -s c:\autorun.inf
del autorun.inf
Save the file with extension .bat for example "heal.bat" or you can also save it with .cmd extension also for example "heal.cmd".
Now just double click the file and the work will be done.