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hi to all
i am using fedora 13, and i installed many softwares ,and many updates, i just want to make the backup of my linux system, to prevent lost the data , softwares, latest update, when i format my linux , and to use them (restore them), after i installing the fedora 13 again..

and i tried a command
dd if=/dev/sda7 | gzip > /media/main/backup/my_backup.gz

but i get the error after while of working

dd: reading `/dev/sda7': Input/output error
17038968+0 records in
17038968+0 records out
8723951616 bytes (8.7 GB) copied, 868.235 s, 10.0 MB/s

the backup is from the linux system drive to the external hard drive

any one can help me and tell me what is going wrong with, is that mean that there is no os on the (External Hard Drive), so what is the solution then

or any resource

i will be very thanks to veryone helping me with this big issue

waiting solution from you

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You can take the Backup of linux system with the help of three commands

You can just try this command
# ls | cpio - ov > /media/main/backup/my_backup.cpio

After words you can restore with the help of the following command

# cpio -iv < /media/main/backup/my_backup.cpio


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Dear thanks so much for your replay

but is that path correct?
i hope you can check it with the i posted

thanks again
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dear i tried that command, but its not backup my whole system
can you tell me the command to backup the whole system

thanks for help
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how can we avoid the errors while backup the Linux system..??? meet again.

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i dont get the correct th answer to my problem, till now, i want to know how to backup the whole of my fedora system