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backlinkin to dofollow blog

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by dhiraaz, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. dhiraaz

    dhiraaz New Member

    i m a professional freelancer but i still don't know what is the benifit of backlinking to dofollow blog and comments on forum.can anyone tell me what is the benefit of giving backlink ???
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    In effort to get backlinks people used to spam lot of blogs and forums with the links to their site and Google and other search engines came out with a solution to have a nofollow attribute to links which means its not to be given any importance when it comes to SEO.

    Read this
  3. JhonWilliams

    JhonWilliams New Member

    The benefits of having backlinks are many – the more links a website has coming into it, the more authoritive and popular it looks to the search engines
    If more dofollow backlinks pointing back to your website there may be the chance of getting higher rank in searchengine.
  4. cuinee

    cuinee New Member

    Some benefits:

    a.) it helps your site generate traffic
    b.) fast indexing
    c.) helps your site get into top positions
  5. kingmidassound

    kingmidassound New Member

    back links are very important in returning good search results. You need to make sure you have deep links into your site or blog using keywords in the anchor text.
  6. franky123

    franky123 New Member

    Backlinks play very important role in getting higher PR. Google counts all backlinks which are dofollow to count importance of a particular site. Like this comments on forum help to increase backlinks as well as increase site's popularity.

  7. fattaah

    fattaah New Member

    Google takes yours site url on the do follow blog as a link and on nofollow blog as a simple text only.
  8. imyours

    imyours New Member

    You have to be patient.Backlink is at most in SEO..
  9. joy1986joy

    joy1986joy New Member

    There is no benefit, thats why they are maximum no follow. Now if they are dedicated user or visitors or good contributers then they allow them to get backlinks.
  10. Click SSL

    Click SSL New Member

    I agree with you dude.
    But no-follow blog or forums is also important because its also giving us great benefits to get backlinks to Google and any other major search engines.

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