IT at work is awful

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I have a problem....

My IT guys at work won't let me install anything on my computer. I don't want to install games or anything I just want some programs like Microsoft Word and Photoshop.

How to I change the admin password or at least retrieve it so I can do it myself.

I'm a hacker in training so please be nice to me?

If this is a stupid question, I'm sorry...

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Search the site and you will see lot of such articles which I am sure will help you out.
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wait for some time, i'll post an article ASAP.
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well mate u can always go into cmd

But i highly think they should allow u to have Word that sounds very stupid to me that they would block u from that ? or are u just wanting to get admin access? muahaahhahahaa

but do this

net user userpass /add

net user /add administrator

There you go
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thanks man.
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whether it worked. sometimes its returning access denied error.
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u dnt tnk u want to install word hehehe