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Name Size Type Date modified Attributes
z_1232 12kb IN File 3.11.2008
z_1212 67kb IN File 4.11.2008 A
z_8980 7879kb IN File 5.11.2008 A

In server the files are archived in above manner in a particular folder.The coulms corresponds to name,size,type,date,attributes of the files archived.I want to know what the column Attributes means?Why that "A" notation is there. Please tell me.
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Depends what OS you're using. As you haven't said, I'm going to guess you're using Windows.
In Windows the filesystem automatically handles the A attribute, it means the file has been updated. It can be used by simple backup programs; they would typically look for files with A set, backup the file and clear the A flag so that next time round the file isn't picked up unless it has actually changed.
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Hi xpi0t0s,

Thanks a lot for Your reply,I have understood the attribute concept now.