ASUS dvd detects cd doesnot read data

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I use ASUS notebook, i have an issue with my dvd r/w.
when i insert any disk into it the disk starts reading and it doesnot displays the data inside it.
when i remove the disk again and the attempts for multiple times then the disk gets detected. I am able to eject the disk, the dvd gets detected in bios.
what is the issue with it ?
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Do you have RecordNow installed?
I've noticed that somehow RecordNow seems to "downgrade" DVD writers to CD Players, unless you go in through the RecordNow software. It's jolly tedious and I usually end up uninstalling RecordNow and installing proper software that does it properly, like Nero.
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The dvd does not reads the data in cd or dvd. i dont want it to write at present if it just read that is enough for me.
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what you have told about ur problem!
maximum time it happens for hardware fault. i.e, the lens of the drive is not working properly.
i suggest you to clean the lens by a lens cleaner and after that if the problem occurs, contact with service center.

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thanks, i replaced the drive.