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assembl language c++ help

Discussion in 'C++' started by Jedson3614, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Jedson3614

    Jedson3614 New Member

    Nov 2, 2010
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    I need help with writing a program, im really frustrated. i am trying to write a program that check a large string for vowels aeiou and AEIOU also i have another part of the assingment that asks me to write a program that searches for 0123456789, have no idea how to search for numbers, and the first part of the assignment i understood and it is working right, i was asked to scan an entire string for periods ".". Can anyone help me here is an example of my code.
    your properly formatted assembly language data here
        char refstr[] = "In 1987 I received my first teddy bear.I took him everywhere with me.There wasn’t a thing me and teddy wouldn’t tell each other.Teddy had 10 buttons, 02 eyes"
                         ", and money wise was priceless to me. It's 2010, what shall I do with this old friend of mine? He now has 03 buttons 01 eye, and no nose!I’ve got it!" 
                         "I will give it a new home. Perhaps you could use a teddy bear?";
        unsigned short int ans = 0;
         __asm {
    //  your syntatically correct assembly language code here 
    //  column alignment markers below (to guide you)
    //      |       |                          |
            cld                                ;
            lea     edi,refstr                 ;
            mov     cx,379                     ;
            mov     al,'a'                     ;
            repne scasb
            cmp     cx,0                       ;
            je      skip1                      ;
            inc     ans                        ;
            cmp     cx,0                       ;
            ja      more1                      ;
         cout << "The number of vowels = " << ans;
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