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Discussion in 'ASP.NET' started by Lennie, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Lennie

    Lennie New Member

    Hi Good Guys, :)

    I need your help. Please help me.:cryin:
    I am using VB>NET2008 with ASP.NET3.5 using VB Scripting.

    I am trying to create WEB SERVICE to be linked to Web Application and FORM. And not sure which option to select from the FILE->NEW->PROJECT menu option as per attachment.

    Please help me. Thanks. :cuss:

    Have a Good Day,

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  2. iamscottj

    iamscottj New Member

    You can select any one of the WCF or the Web Service Application to create webservice. WCF is latest and requires some more efforts to begin with and Web Service Application would be SOAP based service.
  3. shyam_oec

    shyam_oec New Member

    For creating XML web Service you can use asmx file .From file template list choose Web Service file.Note that it's extension will be asmx.

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