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Hello every one
I am IT student and I hava aquesion I hop any one help me to solve it
a quesion is
  • Write a java program to:
    • Read N numbers
    • SWAP two numbers in the array .
    • INSERT a value into the array.
    • DELETE a value from the array.
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i can help you but can you please clear the things you wanna ask...
because its not clear for me
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1. to read the numbers use -
Scanner input = new Scanner (;
int number = input.nextInt()
2. to swap a number u should make something like
int a = 0;
a = arr[i]
arr[i] = arr[i+1] // instead ot i u can put any number of element u want to switch
arr[i+1] = a
3. iam not very sure:
arr[i] = whatever value u want
4. i dont know