array sorting

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array sorting
I have a array that holds 2 values a userid and a score.

but i want to show the hiest scores on top.
but its not working. this is what i am trying

PHP Code:
PHP Code:
$array_userid_score['score'][$count_userid_score]     = 1;
$array_userid_score['users_id'][$count_userid_score]     = 0;

$array_userid_score['score'][$count_userid_score]     = 10;
$array_userid_score['users_id'][$count_userid_score]     = 1;

$array_userid_score['score'][$count_userid_score]     = 9;
$array_userid_score['users_id'][$count_userid_score]     = 2;

$array_userid_score['score'][$count_userid_score]     = 15;
$array_userid_score['users_id'][$count_userid_score]     = 3;

$array_userid_score['score'][$count_userid_score]     = 6;
$array_userid_score['users_id'][$count_userid_score]     = 4;

asort ($array_userid_score); 
But I am not getting it by the score

Thanks for the help
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