Making an application similar to chm file

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Hi everyone,

I am new to desktop application. I have to develop an application and its requirements are below.

It should contain 3 parts (frames in HTML language).
Part1 should contain books (book1, book2,....)
Part2 should contain contents (chapters) of the book
Part3 should contain the detail content.

The user should be able to choose the book of his choice from part1. OnClicking a book in part1, the part2 should display all the chapters of the choosen book. Onclicking a chapter from part2 the whole content of the selected chapter should be displayed in part3.

It should also have navigation features.

I am not sure which language to choose. I guess its vb(please correct me if i am wrong).
I also need some ideas of doing the above application.

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erm you can use a program to do it!

search around and you'll prob find a free one!
*just saying!
hope tha helped :]