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Anti Virus

Discussion in 'Windows' started by Neverdiez, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Neverdiez

    Neverdiez New Member

    Could someone please tell me a good site to download a free anti virus.
    I have tried AVG and STOP and SIGN and think its bad.
  2. ghostomni

    ghostomni New Member

    Use AVAST, CLAM, FSECURE Anti virus
  3. clocking

    clocking New Member

    You can visit : seriall.com
    or bidefender.com
    all are good.
  4. Colin Mac

    Colin Mac New Member

  5. clocking

    clocking New Member

    Is antivir good?
    My friend used it, but not well.
  6. Colin Mac

    Colin Mac New Member

    It had a better detection rate than Avast and AVG free.
  7. clocking

    clocking New Member

    Really? I'll try. Do you try Mcafee or Bitdefender? It's good, too.

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