How to analyze negative external link?

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My client has asked me to analyze his site. Now, I need the tool for analysis of negative aspects of external links. He wants to know what kind of links is pointing towards his site. He also wants to know if the site has any negative links.

The problem is that I know how to look for links with Google’s back link search. Now the concern is that how do I know that these links have negative impact. The site has over five hundred external links. He wants to be warned of links from web spam sites/pages and known link brokers/sellers.

Kindly share.
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Use Google Webmaster tools and see the links to the site.

Then see if the site is related and if not then it is not adding any value as link
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If the link is not adding any value it does not mean it is negative, just leave it and don't waste your time! Inbound links cannot be negative because google knows you cannot control inbound links, if they would be able to hurt you site, people would load link farms with their competitors!!!