Back-End Amateur Alert!

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Hey guys!

Here's a breakdown of my situation:

I'm a graphic designer, with a few years in front-end web development (HTML, CSS, Flash) and I have a new opportunity coming up at a Communications/Publishing company which publishes a magazine I would love to be attached to (as far as my resume is concerned).

When I interviewed for the position, they wanted someone to do their ads. Recently, they have split the position into a team of two, one to design ads for their publications, and another to manage the website and its ads.

The hink comes in because they want to have someone in-house do all the web site management custom so they need to eventually break ties with their current CMS "Bondware."

I really want this position and I told them I'd be able to hook them up all by my lonesome, but have no back-end experience. PHP seems to be the most common language to my knowledge, but I'm also not sure what all I need besides the front-end files and hosting.

We all run on Macs, and I believe we're outfitted with ColdFusion. Should I consider using that too?
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Duplicate of Is PHP right for me?. Thread closed. Please do not create the same thread over and over again in different forum