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What is the alternative for getch() in C - Linux

Discussion in 'C' started by smp, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. smp

    smp New Member


    I am writing a program. In a situation I want to print something and go to clear the screen but when i clear the screen the printed text also gets cleared. I want it such that after the print we have to click a key for the screen to get cleared. Is there a command or code which does that.

    Code :

    In TC or TC++
    printf("Click to continue");
    But in linux there is no header "conio" and hence no getch(). So i cant do what the above code snipped does. Please help.
  2. Cristi1213

    Cristi1213 New Member

    You could try system("pause")....it should work
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  3. smp

    smp New Member

    thanks cristi.....

    But that option is there for DOS.... I am running linux....Pause comand is not there in linux
  4. smp

    smp New Member

    thanks cristi, i got the command while searching the alternative for "pause" command in linux.

    system(read -n1 -r -p "text here");

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