Hello Everyone,

I am new to programming and studying to be an EE at the University of Cincinnati. I am taking an Embedded Systems class and am struggling to figure out how to start a project I was assigned.
What I am to do is construct a Discrete A/D Converter, and use ALP or Assembly Language. The chip that we are also to use is the CD4511 or CD4050 chips.
I tried to include the data sheets but an error showed once I did, so you can find them easily on Google.

The professor said he would like to see a sine wave of AC come into the device and like a stair stepping sine wave come out in DC. I am confused as to how this can happen, and what I can do to make that happen.
Anything can help me such as an explanation of how it can happen or bits of code. I am not sure how to even make a flow chart to start this.
Thanks everyone!!!