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All Hacking Resources! Here:

Security LinksPrivacy and Anonymity
Cryptography & Encryption

There could be dead links among those; I got the list from the source above.

The rest of the story

Viruses /Trojans & Firewalls
Nice find Strader...Programming'Legal' Hacking

News Groups

A great source of information, discussion and answers to questions Depending how you put them
  • alt.hacking.
  • alt.binaries.hacking.beginner.
Tools, Google it:
  • THE ultimate port scanner nmap.
  • The one and only NT password cracker L0phtcrack.
  • Get the latest version of john the ripper.
  • Windows process listener Inzider.
  • The best packet assembler/analyzer hping.
  • Hackers swiss army knife netcat.
  • A tool for network monitoring and data acquisition TCPDump.
  • The ONLY packet sniffer Ethereal.
  • An active reconnaissance network security tool Firewalk.
  • Grep your network traffic NGrep.
  • NIDS tester from NIDSbench fragrouter.
  • The best OS fingerprinter Xprobe.
  • Port mapper fport.
  • File Integrity checker Tripwire.
  • Check for rootkits chkrootkit.
  • OSS instrusion detection Snort.
  • Security Scanner Nessus.
  • TCP/IP Toolkit Paketto.

Nice find Strader........

"don't do anything illegal"

Programs applications and other need tools

BrowsersAnti Virus programs Free
Firewalls free

Test sites for firewall security
Misc. sites that have been posted over the years

Anti spyware appsHere are some tools posted by my friend Splabster(thank you for taking the time typing those tools) :

General System & Network Probing:Enumerating & Compromising WindowsEnumerating & Compromising UNIXEnumerating & Compromising NovellEnumerating & Compromising WirelessGeneral System & Network Vulnerability CheckingSystem Forensics ToolsWeb Hacking toolsRemote Command Shell/Remote Access Trojans/RootkitsMiscellaneous ToolsHost Lockdown/Protection/Assessment Toolsenjoy!!
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Nice List but some dead looking links are removed.

Made the thread Sticky