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Alice help with functions

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Prof. Krauf, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Prof. Krauf

    Prof. Krauf New Member

    Hi everybody. I'm using Alice 2.0 here and I've been having some trouble with some of my functions. I have a world where the character goes on multiple quests and within a couple of those quests objects should disappear or appear when the character approcahes them. I have the valid Ïf object is within 5 meters of the character set opacity to 0, but the object doesn't change.
    This is getting frustrating here. I tried posting the attachment, but for some reason this site won't let me.
  2. Prof. Krauf

    Prof. Krauf New Member

    Edit: I managed to fix my problem, but i'm having another with finding an efficient way to return my character back to his original spot after going to another adventure. Can someone help please or make it so that i can post the attachment?

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