Need Algorithm to C++ Code Conversion Assistance, Please!!

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Hello and thanks for reading my post. I need help converting the fallowing Algorithm into working C++ code, and below is what i have come up with so far, what do i need to do to make this compile?



1. CaseOf
PayCode = "H"
Pay = Rate * Hours
Paycode = "P"
Pay = Rate
Paycode = "C"
Pay = Commission * Sales
Paycode = "S"
Pay = Salary


2. Exit


#include <iostream> 
using namespace std;
int main()
char H, P, C, S, paycode;
double paycode_h, paycode_p, paycode_c, paycode_s, rate, hours, pay, commission, sales, salary;
cout << "Enter Your Paycode (H,P,C,S).";
cin >> paycode;


case 'H':
cout << "Pay = Rate * Hours" << endl;
cin << paycode_h;
case 'P':
cout << "Pay = Rate * NoPieces" << endl;
cin << paycode_p;
case 'C':
cout << "Pay = Commission * Sales" << endl;
cin << paycode_c;
case 'S': 
cout << "Pay = salary"<< endl;
cin << paycode_s;
cout << "You must enter a valid Paycode" << endl;

return 0;
Thank You!

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Have you tried compiling it? Did you get any errors?

You need a break at the end of each case (unless you mean for it to run into the next one, and a good tip is that if you really mean it to do that then you should put a comment in to that effect). But it will compile and run without that.