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Discussion in 'Web Development' started by yousef616, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. yousef616

    yousef616 New Member


    i have so questions regarding AJAX to more exact, is that how it can help me in web development, and if it does replace flash, and to see examples of it.

    looking forward for your professional advice.
  2. kell05

    kell05 New Member

    Basically it allows actions that usually would be performed by a page refresh through PHP to get more information from a database to be performed a page refresh such examples can be seen if you go to scriptalicious looks like a Ajax API. I have never used Flash so I can't speak of its replacability.
  3. yousef616

    yousef616 New Member

    thanx, i really appreciate your replay :)
  4. hurricanesoftwares

    hurricanesoftwares New Member

    Flash is completely different than AJAX and believe me if you aren't a designer then don't go for Flash (Actionscript). Ajax give you power of server side coding staying on same page, mean you don't have to refresh page (Contact server) to fulfill a request. Using Javascript and XML calls you can perform the same thing which will be displayed after page refresh. Many people are describing AJAX as a tool which helps in solving the problem of page refresh but its not true.

    If you are new to AJAX world then various frameworks are available check the list

    These tools will definitely help.

    AJAX must be used very carefully as there are few disadvantages of it. Read this article

    Overall, AJAX is a great platform for web developers. I would suggest use a framework (ExtJS or MooTools) and you are bang on!.

    I hope it helps. Your comments are welcome.

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