AGGHHH help I locked my mom out of XP on accident

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Long story short: I'm a n00b and was playing around with Command Prompt in Windows XP, and I somehow set my mom and dad's account up with a password. as I didn't add a pass word on purpose, I have no clue what the password is. Luckily I have Admin. privilages, so I might be able to unblock them.

any one know how to reset/retreive passwords in XP!
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Change the password to blank and that will reset the password to nothing
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on your admin account!

as you did in cmd!

type in
net user

you'll see what accounts you have!

type in
there are tons of other commands (just search around the forum and you'll find them)

if you want to see for yourself then type in
net user ?
(u prob already know that)

if that doesnt work:
login to safe mode!
(press F8 at start_ - safe mode > admin)
go to that Account you want to set the password!
(control panel_ - User accounts - _edit the account password)
Set it blank (as shabi said) and then ask your parents to set the password again to what they want¬

hope that helped! :]

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google ophcrack live cd and download it. It's like 400mb, but when you do download it, burn the iso to a cd using your cd burning software and change your computer startup bios to boot from cd first. It'll crack any user password on your pc.