Affiliate marketing- latest trend in marketing world

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Affiliate marketing is the finest platform for affiliates to boost the revenue generating ability of there website. affiliate program guide provides best material and commissions that will pay you gracious returns one just need to start making money by becoming the affiliate of it .just get linked to affiliate program and get the targeted traffic to your site in just 3 easy steps.

To become an affiliate you just need to sign up to the below link and choose any option that suits best provided 3 options: CPA-50$ for active trader, CPD – 10% from deposits of active trader, CPV – 1pip from each trader from the each trade (active trader=trader who has traded the turnover of 1000 times)
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Stop promoting your links or your account could get banned and site as spam sites.
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Don't you think the thread should be deleted as well
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But one thread is kept to warn them publicly because if we flag the site as spam site then its justified.