Any advice how to increase Adwords PPC traffic?

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Does anyone have on how to increase Adwords PPC traffic?

How if we have spent on clicks and tried setting up a couple of extra ad groups using a best performing keywords but can't get enough impressions.
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There are 2 ways to go about it.

1. Get the top position to the most competitive word you think is the most suitable ones.
2. Go for some cheap keywords for which you don't have much competition but target your site well. Something like done by ebay.

If you go for the second option you will see increase in traffic definitely.
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yes you are right sabbir second option was good for your go for some cheap keyword and less competition which is help you to increase your traffic and impression.
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There are many ways and strategies to boost clicks and traffic, but we will focus on 4 quick tips that help ensure that the profitable campaigns you are running already are showing as much as possible.

1. Budget
2. Delivery Method
3. Location And Language Targeting
4. Increase Bids

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