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Iím Phil Basten and I am both a marketing consultant and program creator with JAM Marketing Inc.

The purpose of this message is to give you some information about our company and advertising services. We develop advertising sites for small business owners and online marketers that are affordable, effective and easy to use.

During our more than 9 years online we noticed a dramatic rise in the need for such services and we began developing them based on what our customers told us they wanted. One service we created is a site that is working extremely well for our members. It offers free targeted text ads, plus the ability for members to send their offers to a responsive audience via email at the contact email address or to place 4 line top sponsor text ads on emails sent by members. It has an Aussie flavor and members love it.

You can see the site in action hereÖ
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Thank you!

Have an awesome day

Phil Basten
JAM Marketing Inc

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