advantages and disadvantages of virtual memory

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what are advantages and disadvantages of virtual memory?
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Virual memory is - called fake memory in CPU which can be edited or modified by a user.
Just go to My Computer > Properties > Advanced Settings > Performance >Advanced > THen you will see - Virtual Memory tag.

There you can edit virtual memory and define a value of memory for your CPU.
With this - Your CPU will work frequently.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

Thank you !
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You can run more applications at once
You can run larger applications with less real RAM
You don't have buy more memory RAM

Applications run slower
It takes more time to switch between applications
Less hard drive space for your use
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I have my virtual memory configured to the maximum and I think it does more good.
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The primary advantage or objective of Virtual Memory systems is the ability to load and execute a process that requires a larger amount of memory than what is available by loading the process in parts and then executing them. The disadvantage is that Virtual Memory systems tend to be slow and require additional support from the system's hardware for address translations. It can be said that the execution speed of a process in a Virtual Memory system can equal, but never exceed, the execution speed of the same process with Virtual Memory turned off. Hence, we do not have an advantage with respect to the execution speed of the process.

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Virtual memory should be highest in any system and has lot of benefits. Virtual memory has many advantages and disadvantages. Nice to read the wonderful information.