Adsense CTR down by a factor of almost 50

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The orange bar suggested I have not been around here for some time but managed to land up on the forums from G and thought of having this.

I have one site where I have a fairly small amount of traffic, around 2000 uniques per day, and had the CTR around 0.5% but now I am seeing the the CTR of not less than 0.25 and some days its around 0.1%.

Also I have read on some forums that the normal is anywhere above 1% at least for sites relating to web development. Also I just noticed that the ads are also relevant but before I use to see some other type of ads and now its some other but relevant. Other sites are showing no signs of weakness.

Am I concerned unneccsarily or is this a possibility. Or both?

Also I have TF and is planning to switch to TF but is willing to get some opinions from the adsense guru.
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You are not alone in this respect. Seen this in each of the forum I am there. The best option is to try some other ad network.