Admin Rights, BIOS all locked

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Some friend of mine pull a prank on me. He changed the administrative password and too away all the admin rights from me. i even dont knwo who did it as i am living in a hostel. Furthermore, someone also put a password on BIOS and disabled bootable option so i cant install a new window. Whatever software or tool i used i get access denied ai cant boot from a CD or floppy. I have a Intel 915GAv motherboard. Its BIOS is locked. I cant open the CPU since under warranty and if i open it i will lose warranty. Also, the shopkeeper knows nothing about it. Can some one help.


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To reset the BIOS password you will have to look closely on the motherboard for a Jumper called clrcmos or cmosclr or something in that line, once you have found it take a jumper cap and fuse the jumper you have found for a few seconds (15 secs) and start the computer, go into the BIOS and make your settings right, then to get the Admin password you will have to install cain and abel which you will get from this site: and then use the cracker to dump the NTLM hashes from your local system, you can use l0phtcrack as well and ophcrack, then you will need to download ophcrack tables to crack the password using a cryptanalysis attack with ophcrack or cain and abel I prefer cain and abel, but you will need the tables from ophcrack here is the link to download ophcrack: and here is the link to download tables: get the NT and LM tables you will need the tables regardless of what you use, be it cain or ophcrack. With cain you can use more than tables, like brute force attack or dictionary attack. The cryptanalysis attack will get the password for you in seconds where the others will take a bit longer.