how to do an address book using C-program?

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this is an assignment for one of my subject..hope someone can help me solve it T.T
The following elements of the C programming language will be required in the implementation of this assignment:
• Built-in (primitive) data types
• Program control flows (e.g.: Selection, Repetition)
• Function
• File Input/Output
• Array (for strings)
The goal for this assignment is to create an Address book program with - at a minimum - the following features:

An address must contain at least the first name and last name of a person.

You must be able to insert an address into the address book.

You must be able to search for an address by last name in the address book, and you must be able to find at least one occurance of that address in case there are one or more in the address book.

You must be able to delete the address that a user has searched for previously, if one was found.

You must be able to display the entire address book

Your address book must be able to use all available memory to store its addresses.
Your address book should also support the following features

An address can contain more fields, perhaps for street, city, zip code, phone number, email address, etc.

You should be able to find all occurances of an address, if there are several (for example, find all addresses of people with surname "Lee").

You should be able to save your address book data.

You should be able to retrieve the data you have previously saved.
You should be able to sort the addresses using a sorting algorithm of your choice.
Note: You cannot use an array to store addresses.
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Sounds like the kind of thing you'd be presented with part way through a course or at the end. So you must have some idea how to start this. How far have you got with it so far; have you for example determined how you are going to store the addresses in memory if you can't use an array, and have you designed a suitable data structure? Those would seem like good starting points.
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hope someone can help me solve it T.T
help you yes, solve it for you, no...
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