Can adding too many pages effect SEO

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If a site has low backlinks but suddenly adds 10,000 pages of unique content - will Google index those pages slower or not at all because the link juice is not proportional to the number of pages and therefore not enough of your own juice is being passed on to all of your pages? I'm curious
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Add A sitemap to your site. Do not worry for google indexing. It will gradually index all the pages provided your site has clean code, no broken links and a well structured sitemap. Start a link building campaign to feed juice. For good page rank of inside pages you can do some deep linking campaign. But key here is adding a "SITEMAP" and Cheking for Broken link error using any software and from your google webmaster's account.
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Yep I agree with the sitemap. Usually google indexed site when you do some work with it. Like linkbuilding the page to forums and other social networking site.
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ya site map is the KEY!!
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