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How to add enquiry form in blogspot

Discussion in 'Content Management System' started by weblinkindia, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. weblinkindia

    weblinkindia New Member

    I want to add enquiry form in blogger so that users can send their review or suggestion to use. So kindly tell me that how to configure it in blogspot
  2. mariaandreson

    mariaandreson New Member

    Hello, Here is tutorial how to add inquiry/contact form in blogspot.

    How to add the Inquiry/contact form to Blogger

    Login to your Blogger Dashboard and Navigate to the Layout Page
    Click on the Add a Gadget Link and select More from the left Menu. You can add the add the brand new contact form the right side list
    You can set an appropriate title for the Gadget and Save it.

    Once it’s done, you should see the slick and clean Contact Form added to your Blog’s sidebar.The contact form has the below input fields

    Name – Name of the reader who is sending you a message
    Email – Email address of the reader who is sending you a message
    Message – The message which the reader wants to send to you.
    Below is the screenshot of the Contact Form Widget added to one of my test blogs.

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  3. JasmineEmans

    JasmineEmans New Member

    You will have to follow some steps which is given below:
    1.Sign into your Blogger account and go to Layout.
    2: Now click on “Add a Gadget” link and “More Gadgets”.
    3: Now find “Contact form” page element and click on it.
    4.If you want to change the title of the contact form widget, so alter it. Then click on “Save” button.

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