"ActiveX component can't create object" in VB 6.0

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"ActiveX component can't create object" in VB 6.0
Error is as below :

Error in Function SendData()
ActiveX component can't create object
ObjectError Number 429

Code :

Set ABCD = CreateObject("XYZ.DisplayData")

Any idea of this Error?
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The COM DLL related to the "XYZ.DisplayData" is not registered on the machine where your running the application. Register the respective DLL and it should work fine.
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use the regsvr32 "your dll.dll"
and also
the dll to the system32 and windows folders
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To resolve the above issue and access the form, you need to follow these actions:

· Run the following command to register the DAO file:
regsvr32 Dao360.dll
· Replace Dao360.dll
· Remove the DAO Folder and Reinstall Microsoft Access 2000

However, if you still encounter any of the above error messages, even after taking above steps, then you need to reinstall MS Access or Office. To do so, you firstly need to delete the leftover files. In such situations, Access database might get corrupted because of mismatch of the DLL files or installation of an upgraded version of MS Access. To recover the data after corruption, you should use effective Access Repair tools as stellar phoenix access recovery software.
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thank you all for the reply...it's working now