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Accessing structure members using pointers

Discussion in 'C' started by cindrilla, Jun 23, 2011.


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  1. cindrilla

    cindrilla New Member

    hi friends
    I know the basic rule that to access a structure member using pointer we need to use "->" operator .But as i have programmed using this i got a very unexpected output i.e the output is getting into indefinite loop
    the main line which i feel might be wrong is
    scanf("%s %d",&ptr->name,&ptr->prid);
    ptr=pointer to structure variable
    name & prid are product name and product id
    printf("%s %d",(*ptr).name,(*ptr.prid));
    though in printf i accessed it in both ways i.e one as shown above and another by using "->" operator but both dint yeild any result
    thanks in advance

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