HOw To Access???... Lotz Of Question Lolz ...

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Can i get access to workgroup of those pplz who are connected to the same isp as mine ... I can see them in my Network neighbourhood...

In my area my one friend get another cable connection .. he just type ftp:\\xpmedia to his browser & he can access to cool softwares,movies & others stuff on that ftp .. he dont have to submit any user name or p.w ... But when i type ftp:\\xpmedia from my browser it says operation times out ... Can u please tell me any way to access those files .. coz that server doesnt even need user name or p.w just you can view it like that but i dont know how to access that ftp ...

Last q.i have 2 RAT`s theef & net devil .. supppose i managed to get run server.exe on victims`s computer .. And also know their IP ... And run client.exe on my comp . Then how to get access to victim`s computer ..

Please if any one of you know or have even ideas relating kindly tell me .. your help shall be very much appreciated ...
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firewall maybe?
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I love net devil... all you do once you get the target to run the server.exe is open your net devil client, type in the targets IP and click on connect, you will be connected, but I think that the target's AV will probably erase server.exe once its on his computer and way before the target could execute it. And try to ping that xpmedia FTP server to get its IP and then connect to it using its IP in your browser, and if thats not working, use the command line.