How to access the content of a webpage?

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Hi all,

I was trying to get the contents from a dynamic webpage. In Javascript, I was able to access the Window object and access all the elements of the current webpage. Likewise, how can I access any other webpage and access its content?

My idea is to create a frame in my webpage and load the page(which I wanted to access), into that frame. Then I will have control over the elements of my target webpage and so can access the contents.

Is there a better/easy way to do it?
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To make my question clear, I need the PHP's "file_get_contents()" equivalent logic for JavaScript. I could not find any solution for my issue.
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I had to solve a very similar issue while preparing the G4EF toolbar.

Actually you may use XMLHttpRequest to get the page. [[ You can use it to transfer not only HTTP stream but also XML ]].
But I faced a lot of problem while accessing the DOM of the downloaded page.

So, I had to create a hidden frame and open the page within it.