how to acces my website outside my home

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hi !
i am having a problem with hosting my website.
i run apache with its configurations and i createed a site of mine. i want to share it but the problem seem to be outside. i'm not getting something, how do other people visit my site... i mean what adress should they go ? i googled and find out that i need an domain name, i actually don't have any money to but 1 or run a DNS server myself, so is there another way 4 exemple typing direct IP adress ? if there is, what ip is they should type ?
please help me
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John Hoder
You can get any free domain (3rd grade domain) or you can just type ur IP address in the url box, if you are hosting the site on ur own computer.

Read this, it's about third-level domain

I hope it helps
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Without buying any domain, no body can find your website. You can create Blogs on Blogger or wordpress which are free and anyone can find it.
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Thanks for the suggestion! Much appreciated!